Ingraffea1 An interview with Dr. Tony Ingraffea in which Dr Ingraffea of Cornell University discusses the science behind fracking, exposing the many unsolved and dangerous threats that it poses. Dr Ingraffea teaches Fracture Mechanics and is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering. A clip from this was shown at our second meeting.
ShatteredGround The Nature Of Things, with David Suzuki – “Shattered Ground” This CBC documentary, aired on Feb 7th 2013, shows that fracking is a bonanza for North America, but that there are real health problems in areas where fracking is happening.
MonctonTalk Maude Barlow and others gave an excellent talk in Moncton in August 2013. It is in three parts:
Part 1: Patricia Leger and Deborah Carr, residents
Part 2: Ron Tremblay, Native speaker
Part 3: Maude Barlow, Chair, Council of Canadians.
All three parts are very inspirational, and much of what is said is applicable to PEI.
Gasland1 The trailer for Gasland, by Josh Fox. A real eye opener. This is the movie that first documented tapwater burning and turning grey near to fracking sites. If you would like a copy of the movie to show in your community, please contact us.
Renewable Cities Renewable Cities by Mark Jacobson. How we can move to 100% renewable energy by 2050, and using existing technologies.
TheSkyIsPink1 The Sky is Pink by Josh Fox, who also made Gasland. A clip from this was shown at our first meeting. This clip shows industry documentation about large numbers of well casing failures.
Andrew Andrew Lush describes fracking, and the many problems that accompany it. Recorded at Westisle School on Jan 22nd 2014. Video courtesy of West Prince Graphic.
Leo Leo Broderick discusses the problem of fracking not having ‘social license’, and why we need to be so concerned. Recorded at Westisle School on Jan 22nd 2014. Video courtesy of West Prince Graphic.
PSE1 Fracking and Climate Change is a talk by Dr. Tony Ingraffea about methane leaks and their catastrophic effect on climate change. He also proposes a move to renewable fuels within a 20 to 30 year timescale.
Nantucket1 The Solutions Project Fracking Panel, recently held in Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. This panel explores the dangers of fracking, the need for energy, and the renewable alternatives.